I am a painter and stained glass artist living and working in Chelmsford, Essex.

As a painter, I am largely self-taught, working in oil, acrylic and watercolour from a small studio at the end of my garden. I was first given a set of oil paints at the age of eight by my wonderful Dad. He took me to the National Portrait Gallery and opened my eyes as to what is possible! From that moment, a passion for art and creativity has grown within me. One of life's pleasures is sharing my work with others and seeing the joy that it can bring.

I began working in stained glass around ten years ago, using traditional copper foil and leading techniques, and have been totally hooked ever since. I can completely indulge my love of colour with this wonderful medium in both realistic and abstract pieces, always striving to find new ways to present these traditional skills for people to enjoy in their homes.

I am continually inspired by nature, the world around me and the people within it, and I relish the endless creative possibilities it presents.